A Doctorate by the Numbers

Some in their life will embark on the doctoral journey; a journey which is challenging to say the least.  I broke down my journey into the bare numbers that made up my doctoral degree in the hopes that others will use it to shape their own path. Enjoy!

A Doctorate by the Numbers
Dr. Dave Eng, EdD
Northeastern University 2017

Doctorate by the Numbers Dave Eng


1,557 neu.edu E-Mails
54 Credit Hours
12 Number of Academic Quarters
188 Dissertation Written Pages
51,339 Dissertation Word Count
348,849 Dissertation Character Count
104 Dissertation Cited Sources
53 Dissertation Chap 1 Drafts
48 Dissertation Chap 2 Drafts
57 Dissertation Chap 3 Drafts
112 Dissertation Chap 4 Drafts
24 Dissertation Chap 5 Drafts
9 Proposal Defense Views
3 Dissertation Defense Views
26 People Spectators at Defense
2 Summer Residencies
7/1/2014 Start Date
3/31/2017 End Date
1004 Days Time to Completion
2 years, 8 months, 30 days Time to Completion
12 Faculty Interactions
4 Support Staff Interactions
270 Discussion Board Posts

Dr. Dave Eng, EdD


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